Your poetry project:

We are going to read some poems from the book Behold the Bold Umbrellaphant by Jack Prelutsky.
Your job will be to create your own poem in which you combine part of an animal's name with part of another object.

To make your HYBRID word, use these lists:
  1. A-Z List of Animals
  2. A List of Wildlife
  3. Alphabetical List of Fruits and Vegetables
  4. List of Sports

You will use this site to create your poem.
You can use this rhyming site to help you think of rhymes.


My monster is called Mustangerine
by Mrs. Kliegman

My monster has a body like a spiky wall

Eyes like two bumpy balls

A nose like a carrot stick

A mouth like a chewed on toothpick

Legs like four candle wicks

And arms like a stack of bricks

My monster is as friendly as a cloudy day

As clever as a pile of hay

As loud as an enormous crash

As smelly as week-old trash

And as frightening as having no cash.

My monster Mustangerine

The End